About Us

We are very excited about launching our first marketing campaign for our new line of Reefies Paint Kits. We are a small business located in New Orleans, Louisiana and have been working toward this goal for over four years now. The Reefies business got started in the studio of marine artist, Robert H. Post. After creating realistic paintings of fish and sea turtles in their natural environment for over fifteen years, he felt it was time to let a younger generation experience the joy of creating a work of art.

The Reefies business continues to grow, and character development is ongoing. There are over twelve new reef characters slowly coming to life at this time in the studio. A mold is made of the original sculptures and then they are hand poured, pulled, and packaged in our studio. They are made of a durable special material that readily accepts paints without having to bake them in an oven. Our standards for product quality are high. Each sculpture that goes into the packaging has been inspected personally by the artist.

Currently, we are represented in several theme parks, gift shops, dive shops, toy stores, restaurants, and art supply stores. We can also provide an exclusive sculpture available only at your place of business. Please call for details and minimums (504) 339-1109.

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